Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Please Mommie

"Please Mommie," she asks so sweetly, "Can I sleep in yours bed?"
Yes my little one because too soon you will be too big or too grown up or not even like me anymore. Yes, even though my back hurts and I am exhausted from cleaning up your illness that didn't make it into a bucket or the toilet, yes, even though I've wiped your nose all day, tried to cajole you into taking the antibiotic the Dr. prescribed, and changed countless stinky diapers while slathering ointment on your rash.

Yes my darling, you can sleep in my bed all curled up. You can hog the covers and put your cold toes on me. Yes you can sleep with me. Sometime during the night, you'll snuggle closer, so close, and your little arms will snake around my neck. At some point you'll kiss me, maybe on the cheek or maybe on the lips. Eventually you'll push me out of the bed and I'll spend time writing about it on the Internet, but yes, my love, you can sleep with me. I wouldn't ever tell you no.

I love it when you sleep curled in my arms. I love hearing your breath as it evens and you relax. I love hearing your words as they escape your dreams and you say your thoughts out loud. I love sleeping with you, because for now, I know you need me.

You need me more than you need your favorite stuffed bunny and special blanket. You need me more than ever tonight. And that makes me feel loved. In a few days, I know I will be sick like you are now and I will want my Mommie too. But, alas, I am too old to sleep with mine, so you shall sleep with me and I will hold you until you push me away.